Thursday, October 3, 2013

Going off road

I know that maybe a Champ with knobbies is a bit over the top, but I really could not handle the bald tire in the rear and soon to be bald front tire.  So I ordered up two Shinko 421's from Bike Bandit!  Well one tire got here late today, the other shipped separately from CA so I can see it's getting here Saturday.  But I just had to pull that tire old tire off.

Just look at that sorry old dry rotted piece of junk, it certainly did the trick letting me putt putt around but even my son said "oh yea it feels a lot more smooth" riding around in the parking lot next door.

It's definitely a better feeling ride going around corners that have loose sand.  Unfortunately I just couldn't wait for the new inner tube to get here before mounting the Shinko so I paid the price, realizing there's a slow leak in the old tube.  Oh well this was one of the easier tire mounts I've done with my little road irons.

Of course when I had the rear wheel off I realized that my break pads are well warn and need to be replaced too, but otherwise everything looked in good shape!
So my next project will be to replace the tube in the rear  once my new front tire gets here and then find a good pair of brake shoes for rear and front, might as well replace the front while I'm at it!

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