Saturday, October 19, 2013

A good ride

I took a good ride on the Champ, about 5 miles.  Had to tank up since I hadn't for about a month... I took $4 in to the Cumbys and said "put it on pump one." put in 91* and I only made it to $3.50 so I went back in to get the change and the lady says "you must have the smallest car in town." I said "no, it's a moped."  She laughed.
Then it was off to a bit of off road riding, you will notice I have rigged a makeshift coffee cup holder on the front rack, quite handy though not at all practical since I have to stop to actually drink.  The cup is held on with a bungie cord, so I was able to let it cool off a bit on my ride from the gas station, drink er down and slap the empty in my storage case.
 I've been thinking I might need to make some sort of carry rack for my two skateboards that would attach to the front rack.  Now I'm not too certain why I would need to do this, since I don't really skateboard anymore but since I have a moped and I'm riding part urban and part off road I figure having a couple skateboards with, just in case the mood hits me sounds like a good idea.

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