Monday, October 7, 2013

Finally Shinko on the front!

Well my front Shinko got here today, so after working on the house after work I decided to swap out the tires.  Just as I got the front wheel off a torrential downpour came out of nowhere and because it was warm out I was sitting half in and half out of the garage I have my makeshift shop in - I got soaked!
Anyway I kept working and the front tire came off without a problem, of course I have a slow leak in the front tube too so, after having already run
around town looking for a 3.5/4-10 tube and
nobody, and I mean nobody has one, I just
decided to break out the plastic and buy a
couple of new tubes off BikeBandit and
while I'm at it order new brake shoes for the
front and rear too. 

I have to say the Champ looks sweet with those knobbies, and after a few late evening laps around the local parking lot (it definitely hauls with new rubber and Seafoam in the tank) I'm ready for just about anything.  Going to do a little off roading this weekend maybe.

While I love the old Jap bikes (those guys were engineering wizzards), I never thought I'd see the day when I had fu$&%ng moped parked next to my XR!!!  FYYFF!


  1. Hi I picked up an LC50 not too long ago and boy o boy youre right. Way more over engineered than my NC50! Anyways I'm still tearing my bike down and cleaning it up but it should be on the road shortly. Thanks for putting up this info as I found out its very hard to find info on these little scooters. If you're around the portland area and see little yellow LC50 scootin around that's probably me. I dont imagine theres too many more of em around here.

    1. I was just thinking it would interesting next summer to do a little ADV touring on my LC50,