Thursday, September 26, 2013

First legit ride

Took my first legit road trip today, put on about five miles.  Went out to where my son's school is and drove around the parking lot filling it up with smoke.

I think what happened is, I filled up the gas tank and put in some Seafoam to start cleaning things out - it smoked like a Jamaican at Hempfest!  Seriously at one intersection there was such a cloud of smoke all the cars passing by slowed way down to see what was going on, thank God there were no cops because they would have wanted to check it out the smoke cloud was so bad, but after making a few stops to fiddle with the carb getting it dialed in, going up and down a couple steep hills it's running with only the requisite smoke you'd expect from a 2-stroke.  For a 30 year old, 49cc engine hauling my 185lb carcass 30mph the way it did... no wonder it's called a Champ!

I figure the next task is to work on getting some new tires, preferably some knobbies to get a little off the beaten path, or at least some tires with tread, and without dry rot!

All in all a good days ride on the Champ!

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